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 Prof. JB Liu and 4 postgraduate participated in The tenth Chinese National Conference on Chemical Biology (Wuhan)/The tenth Chinese National Conference on Chemical Biology at East Lake International Conference Center, Sep. 23-26,2017.


 Prof. XH Yang,1 doctoral student and 1 postgraduate participated in Strategy Discussion and Industrialization Capital Docking Meeting of Aptamers(Hefei) at Feng Da Kokusai Hotel, Nov. 18-19, 2017.


 Prof. XH Yang, J Huang, JB Liu and 6 postgraduates participated in 13th SCCS at Guilin University of Electronic Technology. Nov. 5-8,2017.

4 Prof. XH Yang and 1 postgraduate participated in The Sixth International Colloquium on Microfluidics (Shenyang)/The Eleventh National Conference on Micro Total Analysis System/ The Sixth National Symposium on Micro/NanoScale Bioseparations and Bioanalysis

5 Researchers Hongrong Li and Wencheng Huang, who are Associate Professors of Hong Kong Baptist University, gave a wonderful speech in our lab at August 15, 2016.

6 The entertainment sports meeting organized by our laboratory has been held smoothly at Hunan University stadium On 11.14, 2015, this activity sponsored by the Shanghai Sangon Biotech company, Pengyuan Biological company and so on.

7 Welcome Dong-Hua Yang M.D., Assistant Professor of St. John’s University have give a speech about Biomarker research for genomic, diagnostic and theranostic applications at July 21, 2015.

8 Welcome professor Zhe-Sheng (Jason) Chen who comes from St. John's University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences have give a speech about Reversal of drug resistance by tyrosine kinase inhibitors at July 21, 2015.

9 Welcome Ph.D Lan Huang, tenured professor of university of California, irvine have give a speech about Developing proteomic approaches to study interaction dynamics of protein complexes at July 15, 2015.

10 Welcome Prof. Quan Jason Cheng, Ph.D from University of California, Riverside have give a speech about Label-free SPR and SPRi analysis with plasmonic microarrays and calcinated nanofilms at July 15, 2015.

11 Welcome Dr Feng Xuan of the University of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology givie a speech about electrochemical DNA sensor without immobilization of nucleic acid.

12 The New Year party was held at Jan. 16, 2015 and acquired a complete success.

13 Prof. KM Wang, XH Yang, XX He et. al. participated in medium-term inspection conference for Major Program of NSFC in Wuhan, Nov. 30.

14 Prof. KM Wang, XH Yang, XX He and 5 postgraduates participated in 12th Chinese Chemical Sensing Conference at Sichuan University, Nov. 7-10.

15 Assoc. Prof. Jianbo Liu joined in 2nd Carton Nucleic Acid Forum in Guangzhou, Nov. 5-8.

16 Congratulations to Xuecai Li, Qin Xie for receiving 2014 Postgraduate Award at Hunan University!

17 Congratulations to Pei Liu for the successful defense of his PhD thesis Sep. 22!

18 Welcome to our new graduate students, including 17 master postgraduates and 6 Ph D. candidates.

19 Lv’an Yan, Hui Shi, Xiaoxiao He’s paper entitled with “A Versatile Activatable Fluorescence Probing Platform for Cancer Cells in Vitro and in Vivo Based on Self-Assembled Aptamer/Carbon Nanotube Ensembles” published in Anal. Chem., 2014, 86, 9271.

20 More than 60 graduates came back to Changsha to join 2014 Alumni Gathering, Aug. 2.

21 Assoc. Prof. Jianbo Liu and 8 postgraduates participated in the 28th Annual Meeting of Chinese Chemical Society in Beijing, Aug. 4-7.