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Name: 王柯敏 Kemin Wang Title: Principal Investigator, Ph D. Professor Email: Phone: +086-731-88821566

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Reserch Interest: Bioanalytical Chemistry on Nanometer and Molecule Level, Molecule Engineering, Nanobiomedical Devices, Chemical and Biological Sensors

    1957年生,1987年获湖南大学分析化学博士学位,1989-1991年在瑞士苏黎世联邦高等理工学院(ETH)进行博士后研究。1992年晋升为湖南大学教授。他是国家杰出青年基金获得者(1998)、国家自然科学基金委化学科学部专家咨询委员会委员(2008至今)、专家评审组成员(2010年至今)、《The Analyst》顾问编委、《高等学校化学学报》副主编、《中国化学快报》副主编,以第一完成人获2011年国家自然科学二等奖、2009年湖南省自然科学一等奖、2003年湖南省科技进步一等奖等多项奖励。

He was born in 1957, obtained Ph.D. from Hunan University in 1987, and undertook post-doctoral studies at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland from 1989 to 1991. He has been a professor at Hunan University since 1992. He is the gainer of National Outstanding Youth Foundation of China (1998), the member of Expert Advisory Committee (2008-) and Panel Review Committees (2010-) of Department of Chemical Science in National Natural Science Foundation of China, the member of Advisory Board of The Analyst, the Vice Editor-in-chief of Chemical Journal of Chinese University, the Associate Editors-in-Chief of Chinese Chemical Letters. As the first-ranked, he earned the National Natural Science Award (2nd Class, 2011), the Natural Science Award of Hunan Province (1st Class, 2009), and the Science and Technology Progress Award of Hunan Province (1st Class, 2003), etc. 

Selected Publications

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